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Filipino national identity without a single common language?

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Ilang sipi mula sa “reThinking Soriano”,
isang sanaysay ni Bill Davis sa, Septyembre 5, 2011

“Historically, Filipino national identity has never really been based on a single common language. And to force any particular language on everyone is a risky business, with the possibility of resentment, the marginalization of minorities, or worse yet, their assimilation into a homogenized nation where the distinctions of heritage are lost. Such a loss would be tragic. And yet, there must be a common ground and an ability to communicate with one another.” (Italics added  — rmc)

“The goal of creating a unified national identity around language has actually caused resentment and division. And that’s not hard to understand. Imagine the reaction in Bulacan or Taguig if Cebuano had been made the national language and renamed “Filipino” and was a required course in all the schools.”

“To sum up, I propose that at the heart of what it means to be Filipino lies not a common language, but a shared history and common goals—the hopes and dreams of this society to thrive and to live in peace.”

“So the question is not, “English or Filipino?” The question is how to live and prosper as one without leaving any group behind or setting them aside. How can they be brought along as equal in status and opportunity without stripping away their uniqueness.”

“I don’t presume to claim that I have the answers. It is for the Filipino people—all of them—to decide their course. So it comes back to you. What do you think? What does it mean for each an every member of this nation to be Filipino and to succeed, and what will you do to make that happen?”

Basahin ang buong sanaysay ni Bill Davis dito.


Written by Resty Cena

Setyembre 12, 2011 Sa 6:10 umaga

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