Samot-sari tungkol sa balangkas ng kahit ano, at kung ano-ano pa

Tip of the iceberg or an isolated case?

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Could the observed result be an indication of what’s happening across the land, or is it a stray blimp on the horizon?

Taking Another Woman as My Mother:
The State of Waray Language as Used by Today’s Waray Children

Voltaire Q. Oyzon
College of Arts & Sciences
Leyte Normal University
P. Paterno St., Tacloban City 6500 Philippines
+63 906 395 3763

“The study found out an inverse relationship between the children’s vocabulary competence in L2 and L3 (that is, Tagalog and English respectively, which are taught in school) and vocabulary competence in L1 (Waray). They tend to substitute Waray terms with English and Tagalog vocabularies and forget the Waray words. Distinction of Waray words from English and Tagalog words are blurring among the respondents. Children’s negative or indifferent attitude towards the Waray language was also observed.”

. . .

“If my method and analysis are correct, then it has been demonstrated, using a vocabulary test on the linguistic competence of the respondents on Waray vocabulary that these children are unconsciously shifting from their mother language to English and/or Tagalog in their vocabulary use. There is no quarrel on the fact that Waray children must learn English, Tagalog or any other languages. What is troubling is that, in the course of learning a more “national” or “global” language, the next generations of Waray speakers tend to prefer such language, thereby ‘taking another woman as their mother.'”

Read the full paper here.


Written by Resty Cena

Setyembre 24, 2011 Sa 5:48 umaga

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